Circuit Youth, is a youth makerspace located in Ashland, OR. A Makerspace is a co collaborative work space for people to come together with tools and mentors of the space and work on projects and ideas. Circuit Youth is becoming more and more necessary every day we continue into the future. Having the ability to change on an instant puts Circuit Youth ahead of traditional school in terms of teaching youth how to learn modern skills. 


What are we doing?

We are creating a makerspace, which is a co-collaborative workspace for youth and teens to work together and allow their ideas to become a reality, whether it's a solution to a problem in the community, or just a new toy. We inspire youth to create whatever they desire.


Old ideology creates separations as if  you are either a average person or a creator. But that’s not true, Everyone is a creator not a consumer. Everybody has the ability to contribute and develop masterpieces. Everyone is capable of developing  their genius.


Tech influences like Bill Gates and Elon Musk urge youth to learn how to code in order to survive in the 21st century. Nowadays coding has evolved into manufacturing and production of physical objects. CY will have tools and resources to empower youth with 21st century skills and futuristic technology to be able to survive in the coming future.


Everyone that participates in CY has the ability to contribute to and influence its direction. With our Youth council, consolidating every member about their opinion will allow Circuit Youth to strive. And every gathering is an opportunity to stimulate creativity, co-create and exchange knowledge as peers. We aspire towards shared leadership.


Education continues beyond the classroom. In CY, we facilitate learning through doing, collaboration,  self-learning, and entrepreneurship, which are not skills that are taught in school. We also look forward to having a foot in the shadow of a upcoming "Agile Learning Center" in Circuit Youth. Which will allow for the captivation of a new educational format provided to our growing home schooled youth population


To build a world that our heart knows is possible, we must shift how and why we do business across our planet and explore how we might live abundant lives doing what is most passionate to each of us and take care of each other and our common home. CY encourages learning skills for recycling, upcycling, DIY and doing-it together to find sustainable solutions for our community and world challenges.


We are a beautiful generation that is concerned and engaged with the Common Good, are willing to create a new type of community, where work and resources are abundant and open. A proper community is a place, a resource, an economy.

Our Dream

We have a dream… a dream of collaboration… a dream of inspiration… a dream to dare for. We see our past, and we know it can only be recollected as a lesson for our future. We as a whole want to represent each other.  We as a whole want to bring forth a new renaissance to our world, not a revolution. From the ground, up we rise into the heavens as humanity's past achievements looking merely like child play, we are not finished with our world… no, we are not even close. 


From the ground, up we use what past generations gave us as seeds in the soil, to grow our tree with apples to which we eat as we sit on our golden throne of hope for our future because we know that it is our turn to roll the dice. In our future we all create and collaborate to the finish line of life. And we haven't made it their til we inspire our generation for a bigger, brighter, bolder, more beautiful future.



Brendan Clarke

One of our co-founders, Brendan is experienced and self taught in many tech categories including Programming, and Website Design. And now Entrepreneurship. He is very intelligent bright minded individual. Brendan has lived in ashland for half a year now, and is excited to start a new space for research and building of a better world. 

Nicole Klau

One of our co-founders, Nicole is experienced in many artistic categories including Music, graphic design, and drawing. Nicole is a beautiful intellectual minded being, and with her super enthusiastic personality type, Nicole is capable of accomplishing alot and unleashing her inner genius to the world.

Ferananda Ibarra

One of our co-founders, Ferananda has loads of experience in many categories, such as deep wealth design, village building, and in currencies. Very excited about new technology, and the idea of a co-collaborative space for youth, she is a leading member to our team. 

Alex Gentry

Alex is the writer for Circuit Youth and is in charge of the newsletter. He enjoys learning and teaching foreign languages and is a foreign language expert and consultant. He is passionate about empowering people to do their best and achieve their full potential in their careers and lives. He is very easy-going, cheerful, and has a positive outlook on life.

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